Initiation Into Alignment - 17 Days of Soul-Centered Self-Care


17 days of timely, channelled soul-centered
 messages sent directly to your email.

Though New Year can be celebrated at any time, utilizing the uplifting energies in the collective, we're setting ourselves up for success in 2024. 

In this universal number 8 year (2+2+4=8), we're focusing on anchoring abundance within so we can see it reflected back to us in every situation, every circumstance, and every standard we create for ourselves during this year.

This will be like a mini live course that will show you exactly how you can indulge in soul-centered self-care every single day.

What you'll receive:

  • 17 days of channelled messages and guidance sent directly to you via email
    • runs from January 3rd through January 19th, 2024
    • all emails are written and paced in real-time
    • messages may be written or short audio recordings
  • topics focus on Soul Aligned Frequency's unique concept of soul-centered self-care. Other topics include spiritual healing, wellness, and lifestyle with a focus on remembering your origins, reclaiming your soul-self, and rising in your authenticity.
    • all messages focus on spiritual topics (wisdom, ancient teachings, etc.) but may occasionally include physical topics (career, finances, relationships, every day dealings, etc.)

What your frequency receives:

  • daily activations and opportunities for alignment with your destiny timeline
  • authentic pacing with cosmic/collective energies
  • activation of your soul-aligned frequency 

After this Experience

you'll feel comfortable with your pace in life. You'll feel more aligned to the universal energies and have an improved conscious understanding of how to utilize the collective energies. You will even have a better relationship with discernment. 



❦ This offering is cultivated according to the collective who purchases this offer. These messages are not personalized at all. There are NO lives, links, or one-on-one interaction. 

❦ These messages are not pre-determined. They are done live and so anything can come through. These messages do not replace or substitute professional, legal, financial, or medical advice. It is the customer's responsibility to seek the appropriate professional where required.

❦ Channelled guidance may or may not resonate with you. The customer understands and agrees that Sarah Alisa and Soul Aligned Frequency cannot be held liable for the message that comes through and the understanding and/or utilization of this message before, during, or after the duration of the offer.

❦ The customer is required to employ discernment when receiving the messages. As a legal formality, this offering and all its contents are for entertainment purposes only.

❦ Email communication is necessary for this purchase. You will be automatically opted-in to receive emails relevant to this offer that may include offer content, essential information, and/or exclusive related offers.

❦ Results and/or progress are not guaranteed upon the purchase and completed delivery of this offer. Healing is highly dependent on subjective factors such as energetic receptivity and destined timeline/divine timing.

❦ Due to the digital and transcendental nature of this offer, there are no refunds permitted.

❦ Details of this offer, including price, are subject to change without prior notice.



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